• ZhuCheng Zhong Da slaughter machinery



ZhuCheng Zhong Da slaughter machinery manufacture CO.,LTD. in Shandong Provice is a high tech enterprise who gathered the scientific research and the production integration in a whole. The professionals and the administrative personnel are prepared and have each kind of manufacture specialized product precision work equipment, the special product laboratory, the advanced computer-aided design (CAD) system and the computer management system and management system.
In recent years, the corporate business unceasingly expanded, and many times with Holland, Denmark and so on that Overseas Famous Company, jointly undertook the important engineering project.
The company develops the development the product include: The chicken, the duck, the goose, the rabbit slaughters the complete set of equipment automatically, the domestic animals slaughters the complete set of equipment and the series prepared food processing equipment automatically, the feed processing equipment, the poultry internal organs handling equipment, we also may make the non-standard equipment according to the user request design, the product performance achieved the international similar product level and at the domestic leading position, but and overseas similar product necessary use.Product selling to domestic several provinces, the city, the autonomous region, the volume of production and marketing is situated head of the colleague.
The company has one the technical service troop which is composed by the intermediate and senior technical personnel, may carry on the preliminary craft layout design and the later period according to the user request installs the debugging, provides satisfaction for you pre-sale, the post-sale service.
We deference the management policy of “humen is the role, take the science and technology as the forerunner, take the management as the backing”, while absorbs the domestic and foreign newest technologies positively, the audience big company takes to have the proprietary intellectual property rights product development and the research highly, persisted locates the product technical standard in the world slaughters the profession the most front, technical personnel's raise, the vanguard technology application places head of the audience big development.
The deference “the scientific way one treats people, the good faith treat people” the idea, take the market and the customer as the guidance, develops unceasingly, develops can satisfy the customer to need, the newest high tech product.
Relying on long-term, the specialized acuity, the close track international slaughters the profession the newest tidal current, enable the audience big company to have the different series product throughout, may satisfy the different type customer the demand.
The user friendly design, the perfect outward appearance, the quick speed, the outstanding quality, are the product win the customer trust the key.Adds lustre to for your enterprise adds the color is all numerous adult's responsibility and honorable.